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Mayra Florez, Head of Strategy

Sarah Pendley, Head of Communications

Together, we have over 20 years experience in marketing and public relations for lifestyle and luxury brands. After strategizing for both startups and established organizations, we discovered a critical need for inclusive marketing. Not everyone had a seat at the table and we wanted to change that.

We're a women-run, minority-owned business who understand the market and are sensitive to the evolving demographics of today’s world. We want to help companies and brands reach these growing communities in an honest and genuine way by offering a unique perspective that other agencies just can’t offer. 

It’s no longer about marketing to multiculturals, it’s about marketing in a multicultural world.



To cultivate a culturally inclusive society.



We’re committed to helping brands reach and work with diverse communities in a genuine and authentic manor. We want organizations to mirror the evolving demographics of the marketplace.