Influencer Marketing

The world of influencer marketing continues to evolve and Cream is at the forefront. Based on your company’s goals and needs, we will design a comprehensive Influencer campaign that includes identification, outreach, content development, and reporting. Through our experience and knowledge of a multicultural market, we will identify the most engaged influencers to achieve organic and powerful content. We work with micro and macro influencers in a variety of verticals that will amplify your brand’s message in an authentic and genuine manner.

Influencer Events

With our team of imaginative creatives, we will design instagrammable events that bring your brand to life. From concept to creation, we’ll execute experiential programs that influencers will want to capture and post across channels. We also provide post-event reports that track successes and monitor ROI to ensure your brand is on the path of continual growth.


With our commitment to inclusivity, we will create a dynamic strategy to expand your audience and reach new consumer groups. We will deliver a calendar that outlines a detailed marketing plan indicating KPI and ensuring the results of every campaign is trackable. 

Traditional PR

Storytelling is our passion. We will craft powerful pitches and leverage existing relationships with the media for positive stories on your brand. Utilizing bespoke strategies, we’ll break through the noise to achieve measurable results. We know the angles the media wants to cover.